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Ryan Dunphy, B.A., B.S., ACSM

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Ryan Dunphy is a Corporate Guest Speaker and Stress Reduction Expert. He has 13 years of health promotion experience, working with individuals and teams across the nation using his unique brand of positivity and motivation. His career has involved corporate fitness, medially-based fitness centers, and Injury Prevention seminars for a Fortune 500 company. Today Ryan will be talking with us about how to get leads faster. His “Work hard, play hard” mentality is a good match for our community!

Workshop Description

The formula I teach helps expedite your sales timeline, identify and disqualify the wrong-fit leads faster, and bring the best focus and experience to the best leads. With my background in Human Physiology and Behavior Change, a section of the workshop helps you gain an edge with your health, enabling peak performance. 

In a "More Sales in Less Time Formula" workshop, you will learn and implement strategies to evaluate how you are spending your time each day/week/month/year; prioritize the best uses of your time with the best return for your company and yourself; engage intentionality at a new level to avoid distractions in order to maximize focus, and learn and implement tactics to ensure repeatable success over time. Focusing time and efforts in the right areas enables sustainable performance and prevents burnout. 

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