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Morris Siegel, RN

Founder of Morris Siegel Tai Chi

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Morris Siegel holds over 30 years of martial arts training, including the continuous study of tai chi (tai ji quan) and qigong (chi kung), as well as external arts including Eagle Claw Kung Fu. Morris is a member of the United Fellowship of Martial Artists. He has studied directly with Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing, Grandmaster Jiang - Jan - Yeis, and Dr. John Painter, among others. 

He competed successfully in individual and group events in international competitions in both Hong Kong and Mainland China, where he earned a gold medal in each of the eight events in which he competed. Morris has been teaching tai chi for the past 21 years, including the Yang long form, 8 form, 16 form, 24 form, 40 form, and the 18 and 32 sword form. 

Morris has conducted specialized classes for people with Fibromyalgia, training them in the tai chi 8 form, as well as leading chair-based qigong and tai chi for residents in assisted-living facilities. He is currently teaching specialized tai chi classes for individuals with Parkinson's Disease. In addition to tai chi classes and private lessons, his work includes seminars and workshops for individuals with arthritis, chronic pain, Parkinson's Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis. 

A retired teacher and retired Registered Nurse, Morris combines his love of teaching with his interest in helping people find their way to better health. He is also a certified hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner. 

Workshop Description

Tai Chi for Wellness 

10/23/2021  |  11:45 am to 12:45 pm

This course will teach a short form of tai chi called the 8 Form, which can be performed in extremely limited space if necessary. Because it does not involve any large steps or turning, it has proven to work well in helping those who have challenges with balance. The form or something nearly identical has been used in a number of medical studies, including studies that prove the usefulness of tai chi in treating fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, and COPD. 


The 8 Form is composed of the following tai chi movements: a commence move, “repulse the monkey”, “brush knee”, “part wild horse’s mane”, “move like clouds”, “golden rooster stands on one leg”, a low kick, and “grasp the sparrow’s tail”. The last move is not a single movement like the others but is more of a string of four movements. This class is intended to introduce participants to all of the movements and to teach them the proper form for as many of them as possible. 

Morris is a Speaker Mentor and is offering  a free online Tai Chi class 

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