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Nancy M. Davis is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and has been teaching yoga since 2005. She is a second-generation yogi as her father was a yoga teacher in Philadelphia. Having suffered from chronic degenerative arthritis for more than 20 years, Nancy recognized that through her practice of yoga, she was able to stave off this disease. Nancy had her right knee and both hips replaced. She has also had successful surgery on her right thumb and left toe. 


Recently diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis in her cervical and lumbar spine, Nancy recognizes the benefits of the soft, gentle movements affords everyone,. Nancy has been a teacher since receiving her BS in Elementary Education from West Chester State College (now West Chester University) in West Chester, PA in 1976.  Although she left teaching for a bit to work in a family business, she always knew teaching was her first love and would return to it.  


In 2006 she began teaching Mat and Reformer Pilates as well as Pre Natal Yoga, Post Natal Yoga and Fitness, Baby and Mommy Yoga and Kids Yoga for children 2-4 years old. Nancy is also certified TRX (Total Resistance Exercise), and teaches Senior Fitness and Chair Yoga classes at local Senior Centers in Southern New Jersey.  


In addition to teaching, Nancy has written a book, “You Don’t Have To Be A Yogi To Do Yoga”.  This book takes classic yoga asanas (postures) and adapts them using body adjustments and props for people who have physical issues so everyone can do yoga.  She also produced an instructional DVD of the same name with two 34 minute segments: One segment on the mat and one using a chair. Her second book is a children’s story, “Finding Tadasana, a Story of Playgrounds and Postures”. Nancy is 65, married recently, and resides in Cherry Hill, New Jersey close to her 3 grown children and 2 (perfect) grandchildren. 

Workshop Description


Reset Your Mindset

10/23/2021  |  9:15 am to 10:15 am

Nothing is worse than feeling stuck…stuck in a job, a relationship, with your weight, your life. How do you get “unstuck”? How to you Reset your Mindset?  Considering that we spend most of our time living inside our own heads, it’s important to be sure that it’s a good place to live. The Buddha said that we need to be aware of our thoughts…nothing can help us or hurt us as much as the thoughts we carry in our heads. 

By using techniques such as journaling, we can begin to turn negative thoughts into positive actions.  Writing concepts down on paper help to change the way we learn. We use our senses to learn new concepts. By writing something down, we are seeing the words, touching of the pen to paper, hearing the words in our mind.

Change the thought “I can’t” into “I’ll try”. Eliminate the words “should have done” from your vocabulary and change them to “I can do it this way or that way”.  

Learn to become your “own best friend”. You would not berate your closest friend and ally for making a mistake, and yet we constantly tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough.  These techniques help us to Reset our Mindset. We are what we think we are.



Yoga and Arthritis 

10/25/2021  |  2:30 pm to 3:30 pm


Stenosis, Arthritis, Chronic Pain. These terms can be devastating and crippling if you let them. I have learned from very personal experience that these very powerful words that lock the body, and then the mind. 

Arthritis in its very varied forms is a lock, but Yoga, in its very varied forms, is the key. It’s the key to unlocking not only the stiffness in the body but can also help cope with the emotional and mental anguish that chronic pain can cause. 


Having had both hips, one knee, and both basal joints replaced, and recently been diagnosed with cervical and lumbar stenosis, my degenerative arthritis has led me on an interesting journey to encourage others to never stop moving!

Nancy is a summit mentor and is giving participants a FREE 30-minute strategy call.

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