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Marjie Zimmerman, ACSM, ACE, CES

The Fundamentals of Fitness For the Client With Cancer


Marjorie Zimmerman has been employed in the fitness field for 35 years as both a Certified Personal 

Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. She holds a BS Degree in Dietetics from Rutgers University. Her certifications include ACE Medical Fitness Specialist, ACSM Cancer Trainer, CETI Advanced Cancer Exercise Specialist, AEA aqua instructor, Arthritis Foundation Aqua and Land Trainer, and Ai Chi Trainer. 

Marjie has had a diverse and interesting fitness career. She developed a progressive 12-week fitness regime for two New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging (Rowan SOM) research projects; "Shape Up", a project comparing women age 50 plus in cardiovascular fitness vs. strength training outcomes, and "Moving On", a study of Tai Chi vs. traditional physical therapy based fitness. Both projects were created and supervised by Geriatric Researcher Dr. Rachel Pruncho. 

In 2009 she was chosen to be one of 10 members on the National Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Exercise revision committee, where she worked to revise and update the entire program. She headed a pilot project to evaluate the use of aquatic equipment in the AFA program and was instrumental in adding the use of equipment to the finalized version. 

Marjie became the second person in the state of NJ to certify as an ASCM Cancer Certified Trainer, and in 2006 started the first successful, ongoing Cancer Fitness program in the entirety of Southern New Jersey. She also was a contributing author for the revised 2018 AEA Instructor Manual, providing the "Cancer Fitness "portion of the text 

She is currently developing a program of stretch, relaxation and meditation for Covid 19 recovery. 

Participating in the world of both Tai Chi and traditional fitness, she sees the importance of a mind body component for everyone. A balanced mind will contribute to a more successful physical outcome.

"Cancer Recovery Movement for the Body and Soul" 

Millions of people in the world today are living with cancer, and no doubt, you have encountered several in fitness classes or as training clients. Many will never tell you they are a survivor: But what do you do when a client explains their full cancer experience from diagnosis through treatment and recovery? How will you know what to recommend based on their often-lengthy medical history of surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and medication side effects? How do you guide them safely? 

This practical workshop will help you gain the basic knowledge of working with the cancer client. We will be learning the physical aspects of the cancer experience, with an emphasis on the essential relaxation and stress relieving meditative aspect of recovery. You will leave this program feeling more confident in the cancer fitness world. Please bring a mat and a chair. 

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