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Charisse Marei, BBEC 

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Eco- Conscious Living

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Charisse Marei, Eco-Conscious Interior Designer, Eco-Conscious Lifestyle Coach, Building Biologist Environmental Consultant (BBEC), Feng Shui Consultant, Young Living Specialist,  Product Designer, Author, Speaker


Charisse Marei is an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle Expert whose passion for empowering people to embrace calm, balance, toxin-free, and clutter-free living comes to life in her work as an eco-conscious lifestyle interior designer & coach, inspirational speaker, product designer, and author.


A lifelong love of uplifting spaces inspired by and in harmony with nature led Charisse to pursue a career in interior design, sustainability, and the study of natural modalities. As a pioneer in the field of eco-conscious living, Charisse is passionate about helping people transform their lives and the places they live, work, and play.


Charisse believes there is a connection between your home and well-being. The time is now to discover physical, emotional, and environmental blocks that affect your health, happiness, and productivity and to create healthy, breathe-able spaces that support balance, beauty, toxin-free, and clutter-free living. You’ll come away with spaces that support the life you lead and the lifestyle you hope to have. It’s a journey that’s as fun as it is transformative.


Whether she is privately coaching or consulting on the design/refresh of a bedroom, incorporating the principles of toxic clutter-free living into a home office, creating a new eco-friendly home product, or sharing her message through speaking engagements around the world, Charisse finds passion and purpose in being a catalyst for transformation. Using her signature framework of release, renew, revitalize—the “3Rs”—Charisse’s mission is to give people the essential tools they need to trade toxic for tranquil, clutter for clarity, and hazard for health.


Charisse earned her B.S in Interior Design from Philadelphia University and is a Certified Professional Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) through the Building Biology Institute where she studied the science of healthy buildings, green design, eco-consultancy, and sustainable design. She is a graduate of the Young Living Natural Remedies and Beauty Schools and has completed studies and certification at the NY School of Feng Shui, Green Irene, and Graceful Lifestyles.


In the course of her career, Charisse has brought her expertise and creative flair to eco-conscious interior design for homes, workplaces, education facilities, and private aircraft. Today her successful boutique consultancy, Charisse Marei, serves as the headquarters for her multifaceted mission to create spaces that bring the  joy back into your home & help you live well.


Charisse’s frequent media appearances include being a featured guest on Cheddar TV, RVN TV, PCTV network, and Center for Better Bones with Dr. Susan Brown as well as the Doctor Health Radio Podcast with Dr. Snow and the Health Pro Radio podcast with Robyn Kade. She’s been a guest on WCHE 1520 and Business Talk Radio NY with Joey Cips and is featured in publications including Grand Magazine and Chester County Magazine and published articles in RE Wellness Magazine, The Sherbrooke Record, and Livid Magazine.


As an author and illustrator, Charisse published the first volume in her One Room at a Time Series, The Bathroom, in 2018 along with the journal sketchbook A Timeless Keepsake. She followed this with her groundbreaking interactive guide, Eco-Conscious Home: Creating a Healthy Lifestyle in Your Heart & Home in 2019.


Charisse complements her writing with speaking engagements at venues ranging from the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and the SIM Technology Summit to Park Lane, the Holistic Light Expo, McCain, and Book Revue in NYC.


She is also the creator of ChaCha intention bracelets and a specialty line of eco-friendly home products for clean living.


Charisse lives in Chester County, PA with her husband, Dr. Drew, and their Bichon Ginger, whose small size doesn’t keep her from filling every room of the house with joy.

Participants are eligible to receive Charisse's ebook and a 30-minute free strategy call!

Workshop Description

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Clear Your Clutter, Balance Your Life

overwhelm to clarity 

10/22/2021  |  4:15 pm to 5:15 pm

Greetings, health & fitness professionals. During our time together you will learn about the basics of clutter and its negative impact on your physical environment (home office | studio) and well-being. When present, moving forward with clarity, balance, and healthful living is a struggle that drains your energy and zaps your joy. It’s felt by others (clients, colleagues, furry friends). If you are ready to ditch current clutter patterns and discover balanced clutter-free living then this presentation is designed for you and I can’t wait for you to begin.


An Eco-Conscious Lifestyle: Enhance your Life, Coach Your Clients | Patients

10/24/2021  |  4:15 pm to 5:15 pm


There’s a connection between your health and your environment. A healthy environment is as essential as nutrition and exercise. To truly thrive a space needs to transform from imbalances, clutter, toxicity, and overwhelm to spaces that support, protect, and enhance your lifestyle & well-being, sustainably. During our time together you will learn what an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle is and why it’s so essential to your present and future growth. If you are ready to be empowered with actionable methods to begin to create change today in physical (office, studio, any room), inner, and environmental spaces then this presentation is designed for you. I can’t wait for you to begin.

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