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Special Guest Carly Moffa



"She captivated those in the audience with her refreshing, untainted voice. You may not know Carly yet, but you will." - The Examiner. 



“Moffa’s voice is an unspoiled threat to all those who have to use auto tune..." - Upper Darby Sentinel News.


Moffa is a young US singer-songwriter whose talent and wholehearted passion for her craft were witnessed by the public at (very) large on American Idol when, after performing one of her own songs to unanimous praise from the judges, Katy Perry described Carly’s vocal style as “a big, beautiful, folky Florence Welch-type voice, which commands a room.”


She is featured songwriter and mentor in the Nashville Film Festival’s 2021 Documentary on at-risk youth in the  Youth Villages Group Home for Girls. Her skills also extend beyond music, her piece with best selling author Alicia Cook, is featured in Alicia's poetry book ‘I Hope My Voice Doesn’t Skip’ available at Barnes & Noble throughout the US. She partnered with the TN Arts Commission on their 2021 Poetry Out Loud program that awards participating students scholarship money. She is passionate about connecting with communities through schools and partners with numerous children's hospitals as she travels between events. … She is a spirited young blood chiseling out of her generation through the greasy sound of raw soul and emotion.


“Like so many Carly Moffa hopes to make it in music...but the big dreams are bypassed by a big heart.”- WSMV Channel 4 News.


“Carly is the type of artist we should all want to succeed. She has talent, yes, but what makes her ever more valuable to our creative community is her authentic kindness and her enthusiasm.” - ArcHive Magazine

“I love your talent. I love your energy... You extricate the DNA of that song and lay it bare for us with the voice and piano and you do such an amazing job.” - Soho Radio





Workshop Description

Educate. Inspire. Unwind

Making Mindful Connections

10/22/2021  |  5:30 pm to 6:30pm

Carly will give a thirty-minute workshop about conversations on creativity and connection at 5:30pm EST. We will talk about creative writing, facilitating "safe spaces" for collaboration, creativity, cultivating authenticity and connection. At 6:00pm EST Carly will give a thirty-minute musical performance!


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