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Dr. Annika Sörensen, MD. International Speaker, Author,

Stress Management Coach

Founder of Ask Dr. Annika

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Hi, I’m Dr. Annika Sörensen from Sweden. 

I have been a medical doctor for more than 25 years and have dedicated my working life to helping those with medical and mental health problems.

Over the years it became obvious to me that a lot of the diseases and sickness that I saw in my patients could have been prevented by managing the patient’s stress levels. It comes as a surprise to most that there is a big connection between being well mentally and being well physically and that it has major impacts on every part of our lives.

Being a medical doctor can be highly stressful and after suffering from stress myself for many years whilst juggling work and home life with my three daughters, I decided that there had to be a better way for me and for others in similar leadership positions. That’s when Ask Dr. Annika was born. I decided that if I could rebalance my own life with stress management skills and a new perspective then others, just like me,  could benefit and claim back their life too!

When you attend Elevate World Fitness Summit/ Retreat you are eligible to receive a free copy of Dr. Sorensen's e-book and a 30-minute strategy call. 

Workshop Description

How To Stay Calm When Your Business Is Busy

10/22/2021  |  1:45 pm to 2:45 pm

During this hour you will learn the basics of stress and why this is so important to know for you as a busy leader. You will get simple tips on how to keep the stress an arm-length away both in the everyday stressful moments and you will learn how to stay calm and healthy in the long run. All to make your business and leadership healthy and prosperous.

Dr.  Sörensen is a summit mentor she is giving participants a FREE 30-minute strategy call and an ebook. Her website is https://www.askdrannika.com/

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